September 19, 2012

Haskell Weekly News: Issue 244

Welcome to issue 244 of the HWN, an issue covering crowd-sourced bits of information about Haskell from around the web. This issue covers the week of September 9 to September 15, 2012.


As you might have heard, GHC 7.6.1 is out for all platforms. I would say "get it while it is still hot", but I guess I missed my opportunity to do that last week.

Sönke Hahn wrote in to announce that on Monday "Story Episodes of Nikki and the Robots" was was released.

Malcolm Wallace has uploaded videos from ICFP 2012, for those of us that didn't have the opportunity to be there. Big thanks for sharing these with the community!

Quotes of the Week

  • copumpkin: when in doubt, blame ski
  • shachaf: You can call the greengrocer and place an order. That'll convert their unordered pears into ordered pears!
  • shachaf: Those who would give up essential type independence for a little temporary type safety deserve neither independence nor safety.
  • ddarius: edwardk: So your plan for Haskell adoption is to write Haskell in languages that aren't Haskell, say "Man, these languages suck, this would be super easy in Haskell", and then use the Haskell you started with reproducing functionality at an "unbelievable" rate.
  • cmccann: personally I'm just waiting for an extension that demotes types to the value level, so that we can finally have natural numbers.

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