November 2, 2011

Haskell Weekly News: Issue 206

Welcome to issue 206 of the HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community. This release covers the week of October 23 to 29, 2011.


Edward Kmett extended an invitation to the Hac Boston, to be held between Jan 20 to 22, 2012 at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

Brent Yorgey has released the lastest issue of the Monad.Reader. This is a special issue on parallelism and concurrency.

Ganesh Sittampalam shared the committee's first-year report.

New and Updated Projects

  • diagrams (Brent Yorgey; 0.4) There are "quite a few changes and improvements" since the 0.1 release.
  • HasGP (Sean Holden; 0.1) A library for Gaussian process inference.
  • OpenGL (Jason Dagit) Updates to the following packages: OpenGL, OpenGLRaw, GLURaw, and GLUT.

Quotes of the Week

  • DanBurton: are you using -XAbsurdInstances again?
  • ritchie: C has the power of assembly language and the convenience of ... assembly language.
  • RaptorRarr: Analogy puzzles are to intelligence as __________ is to elephants
  • Eduard_Munteanu: Haskell Ain't Some Kludgy Enterprisey Lame Language
  • byorgey: Monads are not supposed to be anything. They just are.
  • kmc: 4:20 smoke MagicHash every day

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