January 9, 2013

Haskell Weekly News: Issue 254

Welcome to issue 254 of the HWN, an issue covering crowd-sourced bits of information about Haskell from around the web. This issue covers from December 02, 2012 to January 05, 2013.

As some of you might have noticed, there has been an interruption in the scheduled transmission of the newsletter. I have, over the past few weeks, completed a move to NYC! It has been wonderful to meet many in the community at the Haskell NYC meetups. Here is to a great year for our cherised community.

Let's get things started out the right way, with a litte Lambda Style :-)

Quotes of the Week

  • GuySteele: Some people prefer not to commingle the functional, lambda-calculus part of a language with the parts that do side effects. It seems they believe in the separation of Church and state.
  • edwardk: type level ieee floats are a crime against nature. i had to implement them in c++ for template meta programming once. never ever again
  • acowley: (regarding Proxy) Haven't you ever wanted to put something in a box and never think about it?
    elliott: children
  • merijn: xenocons: I spend the entire week grading FP homework, I think it's impossible for you to surprise me :p
    merijn: That's confusing :<
  • andr00: Today's software engineering word is "farpotshket." This is a Yiddish word meaning, "broken, because someone tried to fix it."
  • dmwit: I know, I know. "0, 1, many". But then I also write most of my programs in a language whose type system has 4 levels. Four! Is that even a number??
  • aristid: a dubious motivation IMHO
    edwardk: i've had worse =P
  • ziarkaen: I'm thinking I can kill two birds with one stone by learning Haskell while producing a website, but all the birds are still alive at the moment.
  • ion: monad.bind = function (func, args) { return func.apply(undefined, [value].concat(Array.prototype.slice.apply(args || []))); }; is idiomatic JavaScript?
  • beaky: if stacks are recursion, what are queues?
    Hafydd: Procrastination.
  • elliott: I think lens is the first library I've seen that promises letting you write abstract totally-inefficient-looking compositional code and getting reliably good compilation which has actually delivered on that promise.
  • elliott: I didn't say half the things I said.
  • shachaf: The two-letter and three-letter identifiers are for edwardk's libraries. The one-letter identifiers are for his actual code.
    elliott: edwardk has non-library code?
  • neutrino: in many ways, Haskell is like this primodial soup out of which other languages end up springing
  • mm_freak: bruce schneier is an endofunctor that turns all automorphisms into identities
  • roconnor: where are all the category theoriest? why don't they already have all the answers for us?
    edwardk: roconnor: this is the point in your career where you look around for the cavalry and realize that you're it ;)
  • cmccann: multi-letter type variables is an experimental new extension
  • elliott: I can't remember the last time I wrote any Haskell without an evil grin.
  • neutrino: when you're told you have to use javascript, the viable alternative always remains in seppuku. and it's much more honorable.
  • shachaf: chrisdone: Please make Author not mandatory. [on hpaste]
    donri: shachaf: just write "not shachaf" and no one will ever know it's you
  • tac: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate
  • cmccann: some people blame themselves, some people blame the language, but the people who really know what they're doing blame shachaf.

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