August 17, 2011

Haskell Weekly News: Issue 195

Welcome to issue 195 of the HWN, a newsletter covering developments in the Haskell community. This release covers the week of August 7 to 13, 2011.


Luite Stegeman created a nifty tool called hdiff, which shows code changes between different versions of hackage packages.

New and Updated Projects

Quotes of the Week

  • Brend: Whoever chose the title "A Gentle Introduction to Haskell" is obviously accustomed to wrestling bears in piranha pits or something.
  • kmc: compare "trifecta" "parsec" -> GT
  • elliott: ... demonstrating C++ templates' wide range of expressivity in applications from stupid compile-time hacks to _really_ stupid compile-time hacks
  • solrize: "The last good thing written in C was Schubert's Ninth Symphony."
  • cmccann: [I] learned Haskell mostly by typing a lot of really dumb things into an editor window, then feeding them to GHC

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